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Last night (or this morning rather) at 02:30 Marla came back to bed after settling Alicia. I was in the bathroom and heard when Marla turned the receiver of the baby monitor on (we leave it off when someone is actually with Alicia).

As soon as she turned it on I heard it crackle to life and emit the dreaded sound of a babies crying follows quickly but a very frustrated Marla using words that are not quotable here :). The strange thing was that I heard nothing coming from Alica’s room. Now you have to understand that the bathroom is closer to Alicia’s room that our bedroom. So it was very weird that I could hear Alicia crying via the monitor and not via the bedroom door.


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What would your Power be?

heroes_title_cardI have just about finished watching season 1 on Heroes (I have 10 min’s of the last episode left to watch).

The series has been intriguing. Not so much from a storyline perspective (I think it is a little boring at times).

I have been thinking “what would my power be?” or more accurately “What would I like my power to be?” (more…)

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