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You know those experiences that just turn you off something?

Like the time I ate so many tomato flavored chips as a kid and it made me very sick. As a result I could not look at tomato chips for a good number of years.

Or like a friend of mine who can’t eat anything with sweet chilly sauce, cause she got food poisoning from something that just happened to contain the stuff. You have had one of those experiences right?

Think about it, I will wait…


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My wife is psychic


Seriously, Marla can read my mind.

Most people would think this is a good thing, and in the ideal world it would be, because I would never have to ask her for anything, she would know what I need before I know I need it. Life would be great. (more…)

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I have not posted here in a while. Why, you ask…

Priorities! Over the past 2 months I have had to decide many times to do one thing over another. Ok a lot of the time there is no real choice, its just that some things get done and some other things don’t get done.

Andy Stanley (@AndyStanley on twitter) once said that there is always too much to do and not enough time to do it all, so you have to choose who you are going to cheat. Cause you are going to cheat someone or something so choose wisely.


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Marla refreshed the list on the fridge. ‘Unfortunately’ the undone stuff of the old list made it onto the new list :)

I was a bit surprised to see ‘Mow the lawn’ on the list, that kind of thing) regular jobs, like unpack the dishwasher and do the washing, usually don’t make the list. I think it was her way of saying “I want you to do the lawn next Saturday.” I don’t like mowing the lawn at anytime other than early morning or in the evening, it is way to hot otherwise.

  • Weather proof front door. Yes it is still not done.
  • Varnish back door frame.
  • Replace old style light switch.
  • Fix step. We forgot to buy the glue :(
  • Paint cornice.
  • Install embroidery software. Marla actually did this, I asked her to get the software out so that I could install it, and the next thing I knew it was done.
  • Mow the lawn.

Previous editions:

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The Honeydo List #7

honeydo Slow week again this week. A very full weekend means not getting much moved off the list.

I’d just like to send a reminder to all the wives out there that the Honeydo list is an agreement between Marla and myself and not something that Marla forced on to me. It works for us, it might not work for you, it might, but it might not.

  • Weather proof front door. This one does seem to be taking a long while, even tough it is started I just can’t seem to get it right :(
  • Varnish back door frame.
  • Replace old style light switch. 
  • Paint a wall in CJ’s bedroom.
  • Fix step.
  • Sort out Alicia’s room.

Do you have a way of getting things done?

Previous editions:

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The Honeydo List #6

honeydo In the comments section of the last Honeydo list post, Marla accused me of slacking off, of getting less done as weeks go by. In a desperate attempt to prove her wrong (and I am a stat’s freak) I put some stats together.

I don’t know if they mean anything at all but before we get to this weeks list let me show them to you:


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The Honeydo List #5

honeydoOK so I know I am day late, but here it is.

If you are not familiar with the Honeydo list check out the previous entries here


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I told you so! Or not.

The honeydo list for this week will have to wait until tomorrow, his one is too good not to share.

In every marriage there comes a time when one spouse is tempted to say to the other “I told you so!” (or something to that effect)

Today Marla and I proved to each other just how much we love each other and we both (in very quick succession) avoided the temptation to make sure the other knew that we were right all along and they were wrong.

It’s a long story, but it goes something like this…


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The Honeydo List #4

honeydoOk, so before we have a look at this week’s list, I need to clear some things up a bit. Although I have called this list the Honeydo list, that is not an entirely accurate name.

Since I started publishing things on this list I have probably added as many things to the list as Marla has. For instance on today’s list, 5 of the 10 items are there because I put them there. (more…)

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My Story

I am leading a Starting Point group at my church. Tomorrow it is my turn to share my story.

Today I share it with you.

Everyone has a story. This is a part of mine.

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