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Have you ever noticed that movies can seem a bit predictable? I’m not complaining, it must be near impossible to come up with a storyline that no-one has thought of before. And if you do, chances are that people won’t like it. The fact of the matter is that Hollywood knows what sells and they keep selling it. And knowing this we continue to buy it and then complain that it was unoriginal. Funny.

A friend at work just sent me this.


Thanks Matt Bateman (I don’t know who you are, but your name is on the image so I assume you were the author of this piece of work.

personally I thought Avatar was a remake of countless high school romantic comedies. You know the one where:

  • The Popular Girl breaks up with her Popular Boy
  • PB wants to get back at PG and make her jealous.
  • PB’s friends dare him to date Unpopular (and usually unattractive) Girl.
  • PB accepts dare, but as he gets to know UG he falls for her.
  • On the eve of prom UG finds out about the dare and tearfully breaks it off with PB
  • PB is devastated.
  • PB does something heroic to win UG’s affections (back) (usually this has something to do with dissing PG).
  • PB and UG (who turns out to be devastatingly beautiful in a prom dress) get back together again (for real this time).

Having said all that I loved Avatar. Especially the funky ponytail filamenty things.

Seen Avatar? Your thoughts?
What do you think of originality vs sell-ability?

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You know those experiences that just turn you off something?

Like the time I ate so many tomato flavored chips as a kid and it made me very sick. As a result I could not look at tomato chips for a good number of years.

Or like a friend of mine who can’t eat anything with sweet chilly sauce, cause she got food poisoning from something that just happened to contain the stuff. You have had one of those experiences right?

Think about it, I will wait…


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I stumbled across a new blog today. New as in new to me and new as in it got started on the 14th (just this last Saturday).

Cath5911 is here in Cape Town doing some volunteer work. I’m not quite sure what kind of work as she does not elaborate. (more…)

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The superhero inside

superman_emblemI started off today in my superman t-shirt. I have been thinking of Superman quite a bit over the past few days. These thoughts were probably sparked by this post by human3rror.

I like superheroes. It might be a geek thing, or just the fact that a part of me has never really grown up, but superheroes are cool.


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2 + 2 = 5

Do you ever feel that you are way ahead of every body else in the intelligence department?

I have those moments! Sometimes the moments seem to blend into one another to create whole days that go by where I just know that I am the most intelligent person I have come into contact with. That’s not to say that everyone around me is stupid, just that at times it feels like I observe the masses from a vantage point higher up on the ladder of the informed.

I have some t-shirts that are designed to let people know that they are not as intelligent that I am. Nothing as blatant as “you are stupid” in white of a black T. No! you have to be more subtle than that. Otherwise you might get a reputation for being arrogant and let’s face it no one likes arrogant people, even those justifiably so.


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questionmark-smallDriving to work the other day I heard a discussion on the radio. The caller was complaining that there was too much talk of karma and astrology on the radio. He basically was asking why these ‘eastern’ beliefs were being so readily invited into western culture.

The fact that he assumes South Africans are all ‘westerners’ is for another discussion. What intrigued me was the way the caller and the DJ were comparing Karma to the biblical principle of “Do unto others…” (I put the … in there because they never actually quoted the full quote).


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1117772_11283186The students at the local university do a fundraiser every year for the university run charity. Every year they harass motorists on their way to work trying to sell a student produced magazine (why the guys think the will sell more by dressing up as girls I will never figure out).

I usually buy the mag with no intention of reading it, but rather as a contribution to charity. It is generally a massive waste of money if you by it for the content.

This year the students thought it would be funny to attack Christianity those of us who call ourselves Christians. (more…)

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Death and Taxes

Ok the death part was a bit misleading, cause I just want to talk about taxes.

658199_78467389_aI can’t believe how happy people are to be paying taxes. I mean we have to pay them, and I appreciate the things they buys for me but I would be happy not having to pay taxes at all.

I just got an email from SARS (South African Revenue Services) in which they pat themselves on the back for being so good at taking my money from me. In there was this quote (it was unreferenced in their mail as well).

I am very impressed. I love you SARS!! You continuously show improvement each and every time. This is a kind of leadership that ordinary South African like me appreciates. You are making our lives better and the compliance much easier! I am indeed happy to pay tax.

Here in South Africa we have a fairly simple tax system (for individuals). You pay tax proportionally on the amount of income you have. (more…)

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