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Putting me in my place

828306_59087049aI had the opportunity to give the message in church on Sunday. I learned a number of lessons while doing that. The biggest one was that despite the fact that it may have appeared that I was the ‘main dude’ at church on Sunday (I was the only person to occupy the stage by myself), that in reality it has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with God.

Let me tell you the story.


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Write a letter


On Sunday our church is starting an new sermon series entitled “Letters to the next President“.

In the run up to the general elections we all would like to give advise or pose questions  to whoever our next president is. Around restaurant tables, braais and in kitchens a lot is being said.

What would you like to ask/say to the next president of our Country?

Write your own letter here: http://letterstothenextpresident.wordpress.com

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It’s a sad reality

pop_goes_the_churchI mentioned here that I was reading “Pop goes the Church” by Tim Stevens.

The book talks about leveraging pop culture in a church environment to reach people who don’t respond to ‘traditional’ methods. It was a great read (I finished it on Monday), but it left me feeling sad. (more…)

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What is church?

I  was recently lent a book by a friend, the book is called “Pop goes the church” by Tim Stevens. I have not got far but even the first 3 chapters have been very thought provoking.

Today I read this question on whittakerwoman – “What is the church?” (more…)

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My Story

I am leading a Starting Point group at my church. Tomorrow it is my turn to share my story.

Today I share it with you.

Everyone has a story. This is a part of mine.

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Empty Seats – Dare you to move

I posted this on my church’s blog the other day.

Check it out!

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