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This morning after receiving my awesome fathers day gift (sorry no pictures, most of it has been eaten) I picked CJ up and told her that despite the fact that it was Fathers day that the day was actually about her. After all if it were not for her (and later Alicia) I would not even be a father.


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Easter – Part 3: Everyone

everyoneOne of the big criticisms of Christianity is that it is very exclusive, after all Jesus himself said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6). I mean, how unfair is that? There are a lot of religions that teach and practise good things, so where does Jesus get off saying something like that? If that were true it would just not be fair to condemn all those other good people to eternity in Heaven.


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My Story

I am leading a Starting Point group at my church. Tomorrow it is my turn to share my story.

Today I share it with you.

Everyone has a story. This is a part of mine.

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Should we be colour blind?

I just read this post on ragamuffinsoul.com . After reading some of the comments that were made I felt compelled to comment.

This is what I said:

I am a white South African. I grew up in Johannesburg in the 80′s. For me the kind of segregation Los is talking about is not history. It is something I experienced. Forget front or back of busses, try different busses. I remember the police dragging away our housekeeper’s husband, because someone tipped them of that there was a black person in a white neighbourhood after dark. I remember visiting a friend in hospital who, because of the colour of his skin, received a lower standard of care because he could not go to the same hospitals I could have gone to.

I’m only 33 years old and these injustices are still fresh in my memory.

We (in South Africa) have a black president (and have had for the past 14 years). Our presidents are democratically elected by the majority of South Africans. The fact that we have a black president is a testament to the political and social change that occurred in our country.

Today America gets her first black President. That is also a testament to the political and social change that has happened in that country.

For those of us who are white, the race thing might not sound like a big deal, we might even get a little irritated when the is brought up. But we need to try and see it from a different perspective.

The fact that Obama has been elected is a testament to change. It shows that despite the fact that prejudice still exists, that a lot of people are beginning to look past the surface.

This is progress people, it might be uncomfortable for some, but by facing our discomforts is how we as individuals and as a society grow.

Today I celebrate with Americans of all skin colours, I celebrate change that shows us that we can progress, that shows us that we can become more like Christ.

Sermon over. God bless!

Do you feel me?

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