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You know those experiences that just turn you off something?

Like the time I ate so many tomato flavored chips as a kid and it made me very sick. As a result I could not look at tomato chips for a good number of years.

Or like a friend of mine who can’t eat anything with sweet chilly sauce, cause she got food poisoning from something that just happened to contain the stuff. You have had one of those experiences right?

Think about it, I will wait…


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I stumbled across a new blog today. New as in new to me and new as in it got started on the 14th (just this last Saturday).

Cath5911 is here in Cape Town doing some volunteer work. I’m not quite sure what kind of work as she does not elaborate. (more…)

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Caption Please

I saw this first on 6000 miles from civilization, but don’t know who to give the picture credit to.


Caption Please

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I have been watching the progress of the road works at the Koeberg road interchange. It has fascinated me to try and predict (based on the progress made, where the various new paths will go, where they will lead from and where they will join onto their target.

The other day I lost patience with the guess-work and googled for plans or artists impressions, anything that would give me a further clue as to what the roadway would look like when it is done.


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Table Mountain From The Car

This evening out of the blue I saw this from @6000 on my twitter stream:

@ron_tuffin New blog post scheduled for 17:24 this evening on 6000 miles… You may be interested. http://www.6000.co.za

Not knowing what to expect I wandered over to the specified address and saw one of my own photos staring back at me.

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Winter in Cape Town

I’ve heard it said many times “The only winter weather you can expect in Cape Town is Wet and cold”

Um No!
This is the drive in to work yesterday:


And this is the same drive today:


(I was a little earlier this morning so the sun had not yet kissed the top of the mountain)

Cold (crisp) possibly, but not wet.
Weekends in Cape Town are almost always guaranteed to be wet and miserable :)

What’s your favourite season and why?

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Cape Town in the morning

Man the traffic was bad this morning. I am usually quite lucky in that it takes me about 15 minuets to drive to work in the morning. This morning the trip took 50 minuets. Wa….?

There was a fire on the mountain that was pushing clouds of smoke over the road and De Waal drive was closed (there are three main routes into the downtown Cape Town area and De Waal drive is one of them.

And while it usually is bumper to bumper on the N2 in the morning, this morning the N2 was a parking lot. A long, thin, 3 spaces wide parking lot.

But there is an upside to sitting in traffic…


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