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A good friend of mine who blogs here and here sent me a link to a blog post at ourchurch.com offering to give me free hosting for my blog. Well it’s more like a competition where you can win free hosting.

So I thought I would give it a bash.
What I had to do was post a comment on the original post stating my goals for blogging in 2010. Then you, my loyal readers (ha ha) have to post a reply to my comment. the person with the most replies, wins free hosting. To make things fair the competition holders are going to pick one other entrant at random. So far I am the only person to enter so I guess I can win twice :)

Here is a copy of my entry, go here and leave a reply.

Well here goes! First a disclaimer. I am a Christian and I blog, having said that I am not sure that qualifies me as a ‘Christian Blogger’. While I do blog every now and then about things directly relating to Christianity, it is not the theme for my blog.
About goals for my blog (and I am sure this is going to disqualify me)…
I am not sure how easy it is to set goals for a blog. I can’t make people read or comment on my material. I am not sure I even blog for other people, it is more for myself. But, since I started blogging in January of last year, I went through a few months of blogging once a day (sometimes more), and then my second child was born, since then my activity has been sporadic and infrequent.
So I think the big goal for me this year is to regularly post 3 posts a week (I know nothing like setting the bar high (lol).
So go check it out http://justplainron.wordpress.com and if you want to hear more from me, leave a reply (here or there), cause if I win free hosting I will have to post more often (even if it just to assuage some guilt).

So go there now :)

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Table Mountain From The Car

This evening out of the blue I saw this from @6000 on my twitter stream:

@ron_tuffin New blog post scheduled for 17:24 this evening on 6000 miles… You may be interested. http://www.6000.co.za

Not knowing what to expect I wandered over to the specified address and saw one of my own photos staring back at me.

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