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Driving to work in the morning is tiresome. I can’t wait till the scientists from the federation invent that super cool transporter system. But untill then Cape Town traffic is just one of those daily obstacles to overcome.

And it is not like I really have it bad. I only have to drive about 5 km’s and even on a very bad day it does not take longer than 40 min’s, which when I compare it to what friends in London, Johannesburg or Atlanta have to endure I know that I have nothing to complain about.

This morning I sat behind a truck at a traffic light for 5 minutes without moving. When I say without moving I mean I could have locked up and walked away to the nearby cafe and back and no one would have noticed.

I decided to take an alternative route (I know how dangerous that is but I would rather move slowly for longer than sit in one place). It’s a route I have tried before, but the last time I went that way I pulled a u-turn at a traffic light (which is illegal here) and because I am a stickler for obeying the law I could not do the u-turn thing again.

So after a long circular route (red on the attached map) and 5 traffic light cycles (3 of which were frustratingly long), I got back ont Belmont road about 7 cars in front of the Truck that I was originally stuck behind.

That is an overall gain of only about 15 cars but it felt good to be (almost) continually moving.


What is your drive like?

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Table Mountain From The Car

This evening out of the blue I saw this from @6000 on my twitter stream:

@ron_tuffin New blog post scheduled for 17:24 this evening on 6000 miles… You may be interested. http://www.6000.co.za

Not knowing what to expect I wandered over to the specified address and saw one of my own photos staring back at me.

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