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Caption Please

I just got this in an email from my wife so I  have no idea who to credit for the photo. But…

Caption Please :)

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Caption Please

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Caption Please

I saw this first on 6000 miles from civilization, but don’t know who to give the picture credit to.


Caption Please

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Today I thought I would resurect an old favorite :)

Today’s word:  Cymbocephalic

Check here for the rules.

Check here for the real meaning for the word (but don’t ruin it for yourself by going there first).

What is your definition?

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I was at a friend’s house the other day and he showed me a cool video clip. I was going to share the clip directly with you but then I found out that it was not as original as I first thought it was.


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Amazing CSI Tech

I think I saw this on twitter the other day. Made me laugh.



I don’t know who did the original work but kudos to them.

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It’s inevitable

In a department full of Computer Geeks it was inevitable that this and this would ultimately lead to this:


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I did not write this. It was in an email my wife sent me. No idea who wrote the original but it s a good read so to that person… thanks!

When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were when they were growing up; what with walking twenty-five miles to school every morning…

Uphill… barefoot… (more…)

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Your eyes are deceiving you

Those are not blue and green spirals in the picture. They are actually exactly the same colour.

The trick is apparently that the orange and pink spirals appear to be continuous but in fact they are just little arc’s in effect tricking your eyes into seeing the aqua-green spirals as blue in one case and green in the other.

Your eyes are deceiving you.

Download the image from here and check.

Freeky hey?

[HT to Phillip Gibb who sent me a link to this]

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Monty Hall Simulation

After yesterday’s discussion with my family at Sunday tea, I decided to write a computer simulation of the Monty Hall problem.

This is not a fancy thing with graphics etc. but a basic JAVA program that randomly (according to JAVA’s Random class) assigned a car, picked the contestant’s door, opened the appropriate door and summed, over 1,000,000,000 iterations, the win/loose chances of staying or switching. The following are the % of times that strategy won:

swap = 66.66721%
stay = 33.33278%

I realised after finishing the code that the code did not use the open variable (which represents the door the host opened), in other words it could calculate the stats without actually knowing which door the host opened after the players initial choice.

The meat of the code therefore reduced to:

int behind = random.nextInt(3); // this is where the car is
int choice = random.nextInt(3); // this is the contestant’s choice
if (choice == behind) stay++; // staying results in win
else swap++; //swapping results in a win

Looking at that code is, to me, probably the clearest explanation of the result.

Did I miss something?

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