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You know those experiences that just turn you off something?

Like the time I ate so many tomato flavored chips as a kid and it made me very sick. As a result I could not look at tomato chips for a good number of years.

Or like a friend of mine who can’t eat anything with sweet chilly sauce, cause she got food poisoning from something that just happened to contain the stuff. You have had one of those experiences right?

Think about it, I will wait…


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Caption Please

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Dating a set of house plans

Well actually it’s more like “flirting with a set of house plans”. Dating implies some sort of arraingement.

My parents house is built on a large plot and for a number of years they have been toying with the idea of subdividing it and building a second house to sell or rent. I recently saw some plans that they have had drawn up and am now very keen to buy the extra land and build the house myself  (well have the place built is probably more accurate).

The proposed floor plan comes to about 170 m^2 and I have it on good authority that it can cost between 4500 and 7000 a m^2 to build a house. That is between R750 000 and lots.

But boy the plans look inviting.

Marla is arguing that it does not give us much more than we have now (3 bedrooms, 1 study 1.5 baths, kitchen, siting room, dining room and single garage), but each of the 4 bedrooms are bigger than the largest we have right now, double garage, scullery, much bigger entertainment area and a playroom with mountain/sunset views from a balcony. I tell you what the idea is looking very attractive.

I thought the other day about putting a main suite above the garage and kitchen areas, now that would be perfect.

Let’s see how this relationship develops.

(It is a small pic, I know, but I am not sure what the copyright thing is with the architect, so that is just to give you a vague idea of what it (might) looks like)

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