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Long day

I don’t really do these ‘diary’ posts, but I had a really long day today.

It all started just after 5 with a call from the office, I usually have the phone on silent (in which case it would have not woken me up) but lat night I forgot. Had to talk someone through a manual rollback. The sad thing is I released a version of the software that would have done all that automagicaly, but in their wisdom the support team did not install it. So I woke up really early today because 18 months ago someone did not do their job.


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tr.v. ran·somed To obtain the release of by paying a certain price.

2000ish years ago Jesus Christ hung and died on a cross. He did that because there was a price on my head. He knew that there was no way that I could pay that price and so he paid it for me.

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.


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Marla’s blog #7

Marla (my wife) is a seriously creative girl. If you have been following her ‘blog’ you have probably come to the same conclusion yourself.

I have been using the Thursday evening slot on my blog to showcase one of her projects… The Chrystina wall.

She created 12 individual, but collectively themed, scrap book ‘pages’ that now hang on a wall in the passage of our house. One for each month of CJ’s first year.


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In the Car

This morning I drove to work with these guys:


Steve Fee, Todd Fields, Kristian Stanfill, and Chrystina Fincher

I usualy have to listen to the radio, but today Marla worked from home so I got the car with the CD player.

It was playing loud and I was singing along (I even got into the same key as Chrystina – scary).

Who was in the car with you this morning?

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If you don’t know this game check out the rules for my blog version here.

Hmm I, just noticed that that link did not really show any rules so here goes:

  • Create a dictionary definition for the word in question.
  • It should be believable.
  • It should make some sense (Phillip).
  • It should stand some chance of being true (i.e you could convince a co-worker that it is in fact the definition).
  • Or none of the above (i.e just have fun).


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Down-Sizing #7


It is at times like this that I start questioning the time frames. It has been 6 weeks I have lost a little over 4 kg and it feels like I have hit a wall. I am a tiny bit under 110kg so little that I can’t possibly call it 109.5 but it was most definitely under 110. (more…)

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Frustration is…

If you add this:


To this:

webMan I want to read those emails.

What frustrates you?

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1117772_11283186The students at the local university do a fundraiser every year for the university run charity. Every year they harass motorists on their way to work trying to sell a student produced magazine (why the guys think the will sell more by dressing up as girls I will never figure out).

I usually buy the mag with no intention of reading it, but rather as a contribution to charity. It is generally a massive waste of money if you by it for the content.

This year the students thought it would be funny to attack Christianity those of us who call ourselves Christians. (more…)

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The Honeydo List #7

honeydo Slow week again this week. A very full weekend means not getting much moved off the list.

I’d just like to send a reminder to all the wives out there that the Honeydo list is an agreement between Marla and myself and not something that Marla forced on to me. It works for us, it might not work for you, it might, but it might not.

  • Weather proof front door. This one does seem to be taking a long while, even tough it is started I just can’t seem to get it right :(
  • Varnish back door frame.
  • Replace old style light switch. 
  • Paint a wall in CJ’s bedroom.
  • Fix step.
  • Sort out Alicia’s room.

Do you have a way of getting things done?

Previous editions:

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I like T-shirts. Anyone who actually knows me is already aware of that. I kinda like to be known as the guy with the unique T’s.

I think that the clothes we wear tell people a lot about us. So there is a lot you can tell about me based on the t-shirts I buy and wear. On the surface it might look just like a cool Shirt but I think it reflects something of your soul.

Friday is casual day at work and so I thought I would write something about the shirt I wore today T-shirt. (more…)

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