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My Story

I am leading a Starting Point group at my church. Tomorrow it is my turn to share my story.

Today I share it with you.

Everyone has a story. This is a part of mine.

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What would your Power be?

heroes_title_cardI have just about finished watching season 1 on Heroes (I have 10 min’s of the last episode left to watch).

The series has been intriguing. Not so much from a storyline perspective (I think it is a little boring at times).

I have been thinking “what would my power be?” or more accurately “What would I like my power to be?” (more…)

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Marla’s Blog #3

I can only think of two things to say:

  1. Cute little girl
  2. Talented mom


Am I right , or am I right?

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Empty Seats – Dare you to move

I posted this on my church’s blog the other day.

Check it out!

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So I am still making progress.

The thing is that over the past 2 or so years my weight has fluctuated between 110 and 115Kg’s never below 110 and never above 115. But it changed, it went up and down, up and down.

So the next two or so weeks are critical. Will I get below 110 and will I be able to keep going down and not come back up again.

Last week Jeff suggested I look at the blood group diet. I looked. Bu I am not sure I can do what it suggested. First of all it looked suspiciously like the Atkins diet (I am of the  O-ve blood type). I can’t risk that without the distinct possibility of a psoriasis relapse. But I suppose I can take some of the recommendations into account (Yay no more eggplant, I recon egg plant was put on earth by God as a joke and He still can’t believe people eat that stuff).

But I did an blood group diet analysis of my daily food intake and realised that if I was to eliminate (not substitute for the sake of the exercises) the foods that I currently eat, that are forbidden for type O’s then I would only be able to eat supper about 3 times a week. NO breakfast (no cereals and dairy) no lunch (no cheese and ham sandwiches) and supper only occasionally (no pork chops, pasta or potatoes).

I could eat fish, but I would rather be fat.

This weeks graph (I hit 111 this morning).

graph-week-21And I really do need to take Phil up on his offer of a jog a couple of times a week.

Someone give me a high-five.

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Being a Mom

My sister sent me this. She is a mom. I am a dad. But I get it :)


How many of those have your heard/said?

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Being a Dad

Sometimes being a dad means doing ridiculous things.

Like warming up plastic food in a toy microwave.

dscf0058Eating the same plastic food. But you really have to enjoy it an make all the right noises.


And then washing it all down with a nice cup of tea (I’m not sure why she got some real stuff and I had to make do with pretend).


And after all that she asked my “Why didn’t you sit on a chair Dada?”

What ridiculous things do you do for your kids?

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The Honeydo List #3

honeydoThis week was a bit of a slow one for me. I only really ticked two things off the list. A number of things have been removed from the list, but technically I was only responsible for two of them.

On Saturday morning Marla heard a truck pull up next door. The neighbour had been doing some brickwork at his house and had hired someone to remove the rubble. Marla shouted to me and I asked nicely if they could not take the tiles and the rest of our building rubble from the kitchen renovations. So I can’t really take any of the credit for those.

So, this weeks honeydo list:

  • Clear bag of papers in the spare room. (I really should do this, it will be an easy one to cross off)
  • Move box of tiles. (Thanks rubble removal guys)
  • Weather proof front door.
  • Dump building rubble.
  • Varnish back door frame.
  • Donate old computer.
  • Install hatch in ceiling (Got started on this one, but it turned into a bigger job than I expected, hoe to finish by next week).
  • Hang curtain rail in CJ’s room.

Did you knock anything off your list this week?

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What a week

Wow what a week!

Let me give you a quick run down on how things have looked this week.

Work as usual. But then on Tuesday morning I read a post on ragamuffinsoul.com that got me thinking. Well actually it was not the post it’s self but  a number of the comments that got me thinking. That thought process promoted me to write this. I cross linked to ragamuffinsoul.com and BAHM my little-just-over-a-week-old-blog that had had a total of 279 hits at an average of averaged about 25 a day, got hit by a landslide  412 hits in 48 hours.


And because of the relative difference between hits my blog was listed on the Fastest Growing blogs list.

fastest-growing-blogsIt got to number 26 on this list for the growing blogs on the 21st (but I can’t find that link :(

That was Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday John Hastings rocked the world. This really deserves it’s own post (And it will eventually), but I can’t really say much now ’cause it will spoil John’s announcement on Sunday. But…

John is the Senior pastor of the church I am a passionate member of Stelleneberg Community Church. John shared his testimony (or parts of it) to the community group leaders from SCC on Wednesday.

Right now all I can say is: John is a great man and it is an amazing thing to be able to follow a leader who is as passionate about, and devoted to his calling as John is.

You, John, and your leadership team, set an amazing example for all of us to follow.

What rocked your week?

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Marla’s ‘Blog’ #2

What is a blog?

Wikipedia says this “A blog (a contraction of the term “Web log”) is a Web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video”

So, OK Marla’s blog is not a real blog, because it is not a website. It is a wall in our house. But it is maintained by an individual, it has regular entries, and contains graphics.

And IMHO it showcases my wife’s amazing talent.

This particular ‘blog’ has chronicled the first year of our first child’s life. Here is month 2.


Marla’s ‘Blog’ #1

Do you have a ‘blog’ at your house?

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