This blog has moved!

Hey there. Thanks for coming!

I have recently moved the contents of this blog to a new address. Please update your favorites with this URL http://justplainron.com

New look – same great content.

New Adventure

I posted here a while ago about a competition that the peeps over at OurChurch.com were holding. Well I was one of the winners. Right now I am setting up the new flavour of JustPlainRon for your consuming pleasure.

I wanted to make a shout-out to all of those who helped me win cause it was your comments that won me the prize. So watch this space and I will let you know when the new space is up and running.

I will make sure that all of you who subscribe will continue to get the goodness delivered into your mailbox/feedreader so don’t stress about that.

Like I mentioned here, I I’ll be using Human3rror‘s awesome simpl3 wordpress theme, Marla is going to be working on some images so that I can correctly broadcast what I am about.

Hope to see you over at http://justplainron.com in record time.

Caption Please

I just got this in an email from my wife so I  have no idea who to credit for the photo. But…

Caption Please :)

Film Review – Brothers

Marla and I see a good number of movies. Not as many as during our pre-kid days, but it is still ‘our thing’. I thought that every now and then I would review a film we see. Not because I am a film critic or anything, but just because I enjoy watching the things and like to put my opinion across :)

Last night we saw “Brothers” with Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire directed by Jim Sheridan (IMDB). If you are planning on seeing the film then probably don’t read further.

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Liar Liar

This morning I looked like a liar. Not intentionally and I was not really lying, it just looked like I was. I got asked to do something that I did not think I could do, I said I could not do it, and then ended up doing it. See what I mean?

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The Incredible Machine

Do you remember “The Incredible Machine”, or TIM for short? This morning a colleague reminded me of the hours I used to spend creating the perfect machine.

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I like cats. We have 2. One is an attention seeking pest and the other is a grumpy old fart. But I like them none the less.

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